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Malaysia’s Leading Intellectual Property Consulting Firm

In order to cater to the various needs of our continuously expanding list of clienteles specifically in Malaysia and Singapore, we have our team of registered trademark agents, patent agents, industrial design agents, branding consultants and franchise consultants to cater to our clients’ every needs, professionally and skillfully.

Our list of reputable clienteles that includes Mah Sing Group, Spritzer Group, City-Link Express and many more is a testament of the trust that some of these firms have in Intellect to help them manage their IP portfolios….

Our Services

patentA patent is to provide exclusive rights of the owner of the original invention to profit from it. Intellect offers experienced Patent professionals skilled in providing sound advisory and consultation for Patent to clients, as well as finely-honed Patent drafting skills to ensure that their inventions are protected.

home-franschiseIntellect  offers franchising services for businesses to grow and expand. Franchising is a big business and has helped many big brands to be distributed internationally. All franchising services are handled by Intellect Franchising Sdn. Bhd., a member of Intellect Worldwide. We assist business owners to identify the suitable expansion path, and convert successful models into franchise packages while we settle legal documentations.

trademarkIntellect has professionally helped many companies to attain and maintain trademarks nationwide. Every product and service needs an identity to differentiate from one another. More often so, company invests considerable capital into the name to create brand awareness. It is important to attain protection over the brand through trademark by getting documents legally registered.


News & Events

National Intellectual Property Award 2014
The National Intellectual Property Award(NIPA) was introduced in 2006 in conjunction with the celebration of the National Intellectual Property Day. NIPA is a recognition to the inventors / creators for their contributions on intellectual property in the country’s socio-economic development.


PCT Electronic Filing – ePCT
With effective January 2014, MyIPO will utilize new system called ePCT and hereby encourage applicants/agents to submit new international applications / forms through ePCT.


Personal Data Protection Notice (PDPA)
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