logo-Zep Motor vehicles and motorcar parts and fitting namely high-performance springs, high-performance shock absorbers, high performance stabilizers, front suspension braces, high performance tyres; sports exhaust systems; car spoiler; air springs for suspension of all types of vehicles; brake, wheels all included in Class 12. 12 Malaysia
logo-Beborn Herbal tea for medicinal use; herbal teas for medicinal purposes; herbal extracts for medicinal purposes; medicinal food supplements; medicated supplements for foodstuffs for human consumption; mineral dietary supplements for humans; protein supplements for humans; vitamin supplements for foodstuffs for human consumption; vitamin supplements; skin care lotions [medicated]; skin care creams for medical use; medicated skin care preparations; skin tonics [medicated]; skin cleansers [medicated]; skin care products [medicated]; natural body care products [medicated] for the skin; medicinal hair growth preparations; disposable sanitary napkins; vaginal washes; antiseptic washing preparations; all included in Class 05. 05 Malaysia
logo-Sunscent Bleaching preparations and other substances for laundry use; toiletries, cleaning, polishing, scouring and abrasive preparations; sanitary preparations being toiletries; body deodorant; anti-perspirants, perfumery, antiperspirant cologne, essential oils, preparations for the hair, namely hair lotion shampoos; skin care product namely skin cream, skin cleaners, skin moisturizers, body care products namely body cleansing foams, body soaps, body creams, body lotion (other than for medical purposes), body talcum powder and body moisturizers; cosmetic products for make up namely eyebrows, cosmetic powder, cotton wool and cotton buds for cosmetic use; all included in Class 3. 03 Malaysia
logo-PinPaiXinRenLei Advisory services relating to branding and designing; all included in Class 42. 42 Malaysia
logo-Cornees Confectionery and pastry; sweets, candies; chocolate; chocolate-coated wafer biscuits, jelly, pudding, snacks made from corn, cereal based snack foods, crisp snack food products, crisp bread snacks; flour based savory snacks; fruit cake snacks; rice cake snacks; sesame snacks; snacks bars [foodstuffs]; foodstuffs in the form of snack foods; non-medicated chewing gum, gum sweets; condiments; spices; monosodium glutamate; flour milling products; instant sauces; sauces (condiments); pepper seasonings; seasoning mixes; food colouring and essence; curry (spice); baking powder, vermicelli; vinegar, salt; pepper; tapioca; coffee and artificial coffee; tea and tea extracts, tea and tea bags [non-medicated]; honey; flour and preparations made from cereals; all included in Class 30. 30 Malaysia
logo-Cornees Canned food products; canned fruit; canned vegetables; canned poultry; canned meat; canned seafoods; canned soups and canned tomatoes; processed food products; preserved; dried and cooked fruits and vegetables; seaweed and seaweed extracts; pitted prune, cream daily products; creamer for beverages; raisins; preserved, dried and cooked fruits and vegetables; soya bean powder; soya bean milk; soya bean protein; soya desserts, soya yoghurt and soya cream; dairy based toppings; jellies; jam fruit sauces; peanut butter; edible oil and fats; cooking oils; potato snacks; processed peanuts; all included in Class 29. 29 Malaysia
logo-Somello Prepared foodstuffs made from dietary fibres; slimming products and slimming preparations [food], other than for medical use; cereal breakfast foods and cereal breakfast products; instant nutritious cereal, cereal based foodstuffs for human consumption and cereal based prepared snack foods; coffee and coffee extracts; instant coffee; tea and tea extracts, instant tea [other than medical use], tea and tea bags [non-medicated]; all included in Class 30. 30 Malaysia
logo-Dismy Flexible pipes being parts of basin plumbing installations; heat insulated metal pipes [parts of sanitary installations]; pressure relief valves [safety apparatus] for water pipes; heat pumps; air cooling apparatus; cooling installations for water; under floor heating; water heating installations and apparatus; pipes [parts of sanitary installations]; plastics pipes [parts of sanitary installations]; regulating apparatus being parts for water pipes; regulating fittings for water pipes; safety apparatus for pipes carrying water; taps for water pipes; all included in Class 11. 11 Malaysia
logo-HongBaiWei 餐馆;自助餐馆;快餐馆;备办宴席;咖啡馆;流动饮食供应;饭店;酒吧服务;茶馆;自助餐厅。 43 China
logo-PinPinYou 广告;为零售目的在通讯媒体上展示商品;广告设计;计算机网络上的在线广告;广告策划;广告材料起草;商业信息代理;替他人推销;演员的商业管理;寻找。 35 China