logo-Ashpury Jeans, t-shirts, ready made dress, skirts, slacks, blouses, vest, jackets; underwear; sportwear; all included in class 25. 25 Malaysia
logo-2020Device Paper and paper articles; cardboard and cardboard articles; printed matter and publications, signboard made of paper or cardboard, advertising matter, brochures, posters, catalogues; calendars, magazines (periodicals), newspaper and books, information sheets and booklets; stationery articles, office supplies, namely staplers; stapling presses; staple removers, paper punches, paper fasteners, cutter knives, document files, pencils, pens, sharpeners, bookends, erasers, envelope, folders, tissue paper,carbon paper, carbon paper ribons, wrapping paper, computer paper, ink and ink refills; correction fluid and thinner for correction fluid, writing and drawing instruments; bookbinding material; adhesives for stationery or household purposes; plastic materials for packaging not included in other classes; playing cards; all included in Class 16. 16 Malaysia
METHOD OF OPERATING INTERNAL COMBUSTION FOUR STROKE ENGINE View The present invention relates generally to an efficient and powerful internal combustion four stroke engine using a single valve per cylinder as the intake and exhaust valve. Outside air emerging from an air filter is forcibly pumped into the engine head using an air supplying device such as a blower pump which is then drawn into the combustion chamber during the intake stroke. The timing for opening and closure of the single valve is controlled by the camshaft which is provided with a cam lobe profile capable of prolonging the valve timing thus enabling the valve to remain open for a longer duration to cater for evacuation of air in the exhaust stroke and the intake of air in the intake stroke thereby permitting the use of only one single valve per cylinder. Malaysia Licensing
HAIR REMOVING DEVICE AND METHOD OF USE View Hair removing device (200) comprising a base member (301) having two elongate arms (302) extending outwardly while maintaining a spacing (310) in between. Two elongate flexible elements (311) form a twined section (304) between their first and second ends (303), (305) that are secured to the two arms (302). The twined section (304) is positioned in the spacing (310), under a tension. A movable member (306) extends outwardly from the base member (301) and is movable relative to the base member (301) in forward and reverse strokes. The movable member (306) urges the twined section (304) to move forward during the forward stroke and releases the twined section (304) to resiliently retract during the reverse stroke. The twined section (304) can engage and uproot hair (314) during the forward stroke. PCT International Phase Licensing/Sale
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