EYEGLASS FRAME ASSEMBLY View The present invention discloses an eyeglass frame assembly (100) comprising a frame member having a front portion (101) with a central bridge (116) interconnecting a pair of lens holders for receiving a removable lens (110) inserted through the top of each lens holder and a pair of temple arms (106) hinged to the lateral ends of the front portion (101), wherein the central bridge (116) carries a first part of a locking mechanism (107) on the top surface of the central bridge (116) that is bounded by lateral gaps and has a slot (108) passing through the first part of the locking mechanism (107) from side to side; a top frame (102) detachably fixed to the frame member, having a middle portion and a pair of elongate members each extending from both lateral sides of the middle portion, wherein the middle portion carries a second part of the locking mechanism (109) which comprises a fork portion having a pair of legs that fit into the lateral gaps of the first part of the locking mechanism (107) respectively; and a pin (115) passing through the legs and the slot (108) upon fitting the legs into the lateral gaps such that the pin (115) is movable together with the top frame (102) along the slot (108); wherein the top frame (102) is rotatable about a pivot point on the pin (115) when the pin (115) is moved to a hinging position of the slot (108) for removing or replacing the lens (110) and the top frame (102) is locked in position when the pin (115) is moved to a locking position of the slot (108). Malaysia Licensing/Sale
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