Message From CEO

Dear Visitors,

The Intellectual Property (IP) sector in Malaysia has been growing steadily over the past few years and statistics have shown that Malaysians are becoming more and more educated about their IP rights and are beginning to construct a better understanding and perception towards it.

In this era of globalization and technological advancement, the protection of one’s IP has been seemingly common due to the increase of inventions and innovations, which proves to be a necessity as well as an investment to a particular business. It makes me happy to know that business owners are starting to understand the value that their brand name holds and what step needs to be taken to protect the ingenuity of it.

Intellect has been established for nearly two decades and I am very glad to know that our company has assisted thousands of business owners to protect their IP and even to commercialize their IP. But our work does not stop there. We will continue to create the awareness and educate as many as possible about the importance of protecting one’s IP and the benefits that could be attained.



CEO of Intellect Group of IP Companies