Our Corporate Logo


The whirlwind image in our logo is derived from ‘I’ and ‘W’, the initials of our first company Intellect Worldwide. It represents the efficiency and dynamism in delivering our professional IP–related services. The combination of the colors black and blue symbolizes strength, commitment and seriousness. As a whole, the logo intends to project Intellect as world-class IP service provider that will go the extra mile to provide professional, reliable and trustworthy services to its clients and not limited to only those who are in the region.

This registered tagline of Intellect intends to portray to the public about our seriousness and commitment in our services. The objective is to remind our clients that we are the most reliable IP providers.

IPeople refers to all the employees of Intellect. This ‘identity’ and logo which we often use in our internal programmes and communication serve to remind all of us that we are a team. At Intellect, we highly value teamwork and it is something we encourage all around.

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