Cashing in on Copyrights

A copyright refers to the exclusive rights granted to the original owner of creative works namely literary works, musical works, artistic works, films, sound recordings, broadcasts and derivative works.

In Malaysia, a copyright is automatically granted to the original owner of the work as long as the three following conditions are fulfilled:

Sufficient effort has been expended to make the work original in character

The work has been written down, recorded or reduced to a material form

The author is a qualified person, or the work is either made or first published in Malaysia

The main advantage of owning a copyright, especially one to a piece of work that is commercially appealing is the earning potential in terms of royalties. Many authors, musicians and software writers have profited greatly by licensing their copyrights to other parties.

In Malaysia, protection for copyright owners is accorded under the Copyright Act 1987 which allows them to sue for damages in the event of infringement.

There is no formal registration system for copyrights in Malaysia as these are granted automatically. However, under Section 42 of the Copyright Act 1987, the owner can prepare a Statutory Declaration as a supporting document or file a Voluntarily Notification and deposit his/her copyrighted work with MyIPO.

We provide services in the preparation of Statutory Declaration for clients who wish to undertake this precautionary measure for their copyright protection.

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