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Marketing your products online is a must in this day and age, but it leaves your business vulnerable to copycats.


A trademark marks all of your products and services as only yours to protect you from counterfeit products. At the small cost of trademarking, you gain the right to legally stop unscrupulous copycat manufacturers from confusing your target customers.

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Solomon Lee

Founder & CEO of Intellect Group


Joanne Loh

Co-Founder & COO of Intellect Group


Liang Pey Huey

iPBiz Manager



Associate Partner (Singapore)


Dr Manju

Associate Partner (Singapore) and
Patent Drafter

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Frequently Asked Question

What is the duration of a trademark protection?

The period of protection is 10 years, renewable for a period of every 10 years thereafter.

What is the different between ™ and ®?

The ® is the universally recognized symbol for a registered trade mark. If a trade mark is unregistered, the TM symbol is used.

How long does it take for normal trademark registration?

The normal registration process will take approximately 18 months.

Is it compulsory to conduct the trade mark search before the application stage?

Before filing your trademark, it is important that you evaluate possible obstacles that may arise during registration process. Our Trademark Comprehensive Study will not only list similar trademarks (graphic/phonetic) found in the official Trademark Database that may conflict with yours, but also give you an opinion about registration possibilities. This trademark search report is optional but highly recommended.

If I registered my trade mark in Singapore, does it means that I can also sell my products/services in overseas?

Yes, you may still sell your products/services to overseas, but please be highlighted that a trade mark registered in Singapore only gives protection in Singapore. If you intend to export your goods to overseas, a separate application must be made in each if the overseas countries where you want to seek protection.

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Tel: 65 9298 0100

Email: ipb01@intellect-worldwide.com

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