How to Get Your Brand Ready for Voice Search

How to Get Your Brand Ready for Voice Search


In 2015, Andrew Ng, former Chief Scientist at Baidu, predicted that by 2020, half of all searches are going to be images or speech. Evidently, the use of smart speakers and voice assistants is seeing healthy growth in Malaysia and other markets.

Adding to the already wide array of smart home products available in the market, Amazon announced smart glasses, earbuds, and rings powered by Alexa. These ensure that we will see an even bigger surge in voice search in the coming months and evidently consumers are happy to embrace voice search features


What does this mean?

This means companies that have focused their investments heavily on SEO in the past need to reconsider and alter their strategies. To start, you have to find out where voice assistants get their answers from and how you can make sure the answers relating to your business are answered correctly, and more importantly, in an attractive and interesting manner that invites profit.

Voice SEO

Typically, answers from voice queries come from sources that feature conversationally written content. If you want to give your content the best chance of surfacing on search engines, you should be creating voice SEO optimized information that uses natural language and concise answers. Understand common questions you could expect consumers to ask that are associated with your field of business and company, particularly in your local area, and create answers using keywords which directly answers them

As of 2020, there is still a lot of inaccurate explanations on how the search results algorithm works but basing your new strategies on existing SEO optimisation methods with a twist provides a solid landscape on understanding what you might be up against.

Brand Ready for Voice Search

The Bottom Line

To start off, consider the basic factors which will influence how you want to optimize your brand’s visibility and representation. Brands will need to learn how major players in voice technology such as Amazon and Google operate so that you can be ensured your company appears as the top search results.


While the voice search industry may evolve search culture as it matures, the best marketing practices are likely to remain the same.

In short, update your content to position yourself as the “winning answer” by search engines. If we’ve learned anything from traditional search it is that once someone has been deemed a “winner”, they are hard to shake.

Voice search presents an opportunity to be ahead of the marketing technologies of the future.

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