Progressive Web Apps: The Future of Mobile Web

Progressive Web Apps: The Future of Mobile Web

Put simply, these are programmes combines a website and an app, for instance, using Web Spotify, Instagram Stories, and YouTube Background Streaming in a browser without users having to download the app. Using PWA cuts the cost of having to develop an app.

Increased Engagement

Higher Ad Clickthroughs

User-generated Ad Dollars


These are all important metrics we want to hear, and progressive web apps are the answers you need. PWAs bring native app-like experiences and functionality to the mobile web, and they can be an extremely efficient way to deliver your digital experiences.

What is PWA?

“A safe and app-like web experience.”

Typical features of PWA:

  • Near-instant loading
  • Integrated and app-like
  • Shortcut on the home screen as an icon
  • Offline access
  • Push notifications

In Conclusion

PWAs are powerful, effective, fast and app-like.

It is unlikely for the mobile web to not be significantly improved via PWA implementation. In short, now is the time to integrate these technologies into your ecosystem of customer touchpoints.

Example of PWA:


Source: Enabling iOS Splash Screens, by Evan Bacon.

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