Events and Experiences as a Marketing Tool


Events and Experiences as a Marketing Tool

Of the many potential benefits offered by events, some of the main ones include:

1. Growing Your Leads 

When a potential customer does not immediately convert at the event itself, it is a golden opportunity to meet your customers face to face and get to know them as real people with real needs. Add them to your database and it becomes a lead that you can nurture through future sales processes.

When hosting an event, you can get customer’s contact information when they register with your app, website or social media page. Use those contacts, be it Facebook Messenger, emails or even phone numbers to build relationships which can lead to future sales. Organic interactions with your company at events make customers trust you more than a random ad on a website they were browsing on, for instance.


This is also another way to track the number of leads and new contacts in your database which is easy to measure. Organize events with a specific marketing goal of how many leads or new contacts you hope to attract at the event.

2. Increasing Brand Awareness

By hosting an activity, you are allowing people and the media to interact with your brand. A quick example for a company selling bubble tea drinks, you may sponsor a local festival and give out free samples. That way, consumers discover your brand and how much they love your product!


Sometimes it can be a little challenging if your company is more serious in nature, for example, an insurance company. Through events, you can get people interacting with your brand by getting freebies and seeing interesting booth setups that they would want a photo with. Even an event as simple as a launch party can be such an important marketing tool to give customers an interactive experience they find hard to forget.

Events can also grow awareness through the attendees’ social media profiles. When an event guest posts a photo at your event and mentions your company, your brand has now received exposure to her network, which is an entirely new audience to you.


3. Building Brand Affinity

Events increase happy feelings related to your company. Memories are not created from just reading a flyer, people will remember an event that exceeds expectations.

The most valuable thing about experiences are the opportunities to establish human relationships. Especially if you are in an industry where your competitors have similar products and pricing, and have market presence. Events can provide a human element that consumers find relatable.

This impacts organic conversion rates since customers are able to ask questions there and then. The chance for your high-quality sales representatives to interact with potential customers is effective in indirectly showing off your company’s credibility and authenticity, giving yourself the best chance of closing more deals.


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