Fascinating Ways AI is Used in Advertising


Fascinating Ways AI is Used in Advertising

1. AI in Digital Marketing

In Malaysia, homes increasingly have TVs that are connected to the internet. This means the number of network-connected smart devices is rapidly increasing and allows for even more targeted advertising for future marketers. With this change, there is a whole new area to explore and utilise AI in even more targeted TV programmes and ads to enhance audience experience.

Another example of AI in non-TV devices are programmes which can make tailored recommendations to consumers, such as on e-commerce websites. For instance, customers can converse with chatbots which recommends consumers specific jackets based on travel location and time of year.

2. AI in Business Planning

While creative by AI makes for exciting headlines, some of the best AI are the ones that work away from the limelight.

When enough data is accumulated based on past projects in a company, AI is then able to optimize and reoptimize schedules such as product launch dates, promotions and marketing campaign seasons based on data-driven factors such as trends, seasons and recent news.

3. AI in Publishing

New advances made in 2019 can now solve the biggest concerns in the publishing and media industry:-

Rating forecasts


Utilising artificial intelligence loaded with large quantities of data give accurate predictions of ratings a piece of work will likely receive. Put simply, an algorithm will cross-reference keywords to previously successful works and recent hot topics to reliably allow efficient forecasts using some form of a scoring system. Powered machine learning provides less worry on how well agencies will do, saving them lost opportunities and greater transparency.

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