Business in the time of Coronavirus: How to stay ahead

Business in the time of Coronavirus: How to stay ahead

Conducting business in the pandemic is suddenly a challenge as we have to go remote almost overnight! However, see this as an opportunity to test our capabilities to work away from the office.

Tips to pivot your business productivities during the pandemic.

1. Engage socially with team members

Start the day by asking how everyone is doing, and be unafraid to discuss our frustrations. In a typical office day, casual chats are the thing that keeps morale up, so do try to recreate that with fun team meetings and personal one-on-one conversations.

2. Utilise free online tools

This is a great time especially for senior team members to improve on their internet and computer skills.


  • Video call meals or coffees to discuss work topics
  • Social media pages to share entertainment, educational and lifestyle information to maintain healthy social interactions
  • Instant messaging to replace water cooler chat



  • Video conferencing rather than phone calls are more engaging and expressive
  • Free online tools such as Slack, Microsoft Team, Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Google Suite, Cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive), Trello, and Asana.

3. Create and follow a fixed daily routine

It is challenging to focus on work in a home space, especially when the children are home. Some ways to separate personal and work responsibilities:

  • Go about your usual waking, working, and sleeping hours to establish a healthy routine.
  • Dress as you normally would to get your head into work mode (useful for sudden video calls!).
  • Create a dedicated room, corner, or desk that is only for work to create a mental separation.
  • Alternate between activities such as team brainstorming, home-schooling, computer work, family time, and personal time to avoid feeling “stuck” or “trapped” at home.
  • Use the extra commute time you save for some me-time to destress and relax.

4. Develop a sustainable corporate social responsibility program

This period is an opportunity to think about benefiting the society and the environment, for instance:

  • Redefine and refocus the company’s social responsibilities.
  • Collect customer and stakeholder feedback on company philosophy.
  • Determine which social and environmental issues matter the most for our employees, customers, partners, and prospects.
  • Make this fit with our corporate activities and business purposes.

Social responsibilities will help to valorise our intangible capital, improve our extra-financial rating, differentiate our business from others, and increase employment value.

Let’s stay flexible and open enough to rearrange our mode of operation; nothing is impossible!

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