What is Branding?

Branding is the marketing term to describe the process of building a strong and favorable image for a product, company, or any organization that differentiates it-in the minds of the public – from other competitors or institutions. The brand position of a company is important to capture the minds of the consumers. The ability to communicate positive attributes about a Company helps improve the reputation of an Organization and how the brand is being perceived.

Is this about creating new logos and taglines?

This statement is not true, despite the fact that logos are the visual representation of a brand and an important element in the overall branding activities of an Organization. Branding is a comprehensive approach and process to the way we communicate and represent an Organization. Logos are used consistently across media and communication channels as an easily-recognizable identity of a company. A new tagline or logo may create a new market segment, fresh ideas, conception or spirit of the products that you have in line.

Why do we need Branding?

Having a strong brand is in fact very lucrative. An Organization’s brand should evolve throughout the years to capture the different periods of time that reflect different needs and requirements. Communicating all the aspects and contributions of an Organization is part of Branding and is important for maintaining the reputation of an Organization and enhancing future growth.

Who is involved in Branding?

Branding is mostly top driven but leading the branding effort involves the participation of the entire employees of the Organization. To date,  the most successful brands involve participation as well as the good communication of all members of the Organization. Hence everyone is involved in a branding exercise.

How long should a branding exercise last?

Branding is a long term commitment and should be practiced by an Organization for the life of the Company. Branding is a continual process that leads to the accumulation of brand values. This makes branding expensive but it is worthwhile for the potential future growth of an Organization.

Does advertisements and promotion equal to branding?

Advertisements and promotion is part of branding. However, a common misconception is that advertisement is what branding all about. Branding is an art encompassing the advertisements that you put up and the messages you are sending across. How your brand value is perceived depends very much on the outcome of your advertisements. A good advertisement can be the ultimate success factor of a good branding strategy.

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