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Every product or service needs a name that serves to identify and differentiate it from the rest in the market.

Protecting Your Right


A copyright refers to the exclusive rights granted to the original owner of creative works namely literary works.

Owning A Copyright


When a company has a new invention with vast commercial potentials, this invention often becomes…

Protecting Profitable Inventions

Industrial Design

When one relies on the aesthetic appeal of his products to sell them and gain a competitive edge…

Keep Your Design Exclusive


Franchising is a big business and it has enabled millions of people all around the world to be employed.

Expansion Beyond Boundaries


The use of Licensing as a marketing and brand extension tool has burgeoned over the last 30 years.

Commercializing Your Potentials

IP Management

Intellect has extended its scope of services into Intellectual Property Management to cater the…

Building Your Equity

IP Business Opportunities

Not using your registered trademark anymore? Looking to sell your patented invention? Thinking about…

Start Your Business

IP Academy

IPeople Academy (IPA) is a professional intellectual property (IP) training provider that aims to create…

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