Joanne Loh

-Co-Founder & COO of Intellect Group-

04 229 1100

Joanne Loh

-Co-Founder & COO of Intellect Group-

04 2291 100

“Joanne Loh is a highly accomplished professional and the co-founder of Intellect Group of IP Companies, a leading firm in the intellectual property consultancy field. With a wealth of experience spanning over 30 years, Joanne serves as the Chief Operating Officer, overseeing the strategic operations and growth of the company.


Joanne’s expertise is built upon a strong educational foundation. She graduated from University Utara Malaysia (UUM) with a Bachelor of Public Administration (Hons), which has equipped her with a solid understanding of administrative principles and effective management practices.


Throughout her career, Joanne has continuously expanded her knowledge and professional certifications. She is a registered trademark agent, enabling her to provide comprehensive guidance on trademark protection and management. In addition, she is a registered Franchise Consultant, specializing in assisting businesses with franchise expansion.


Furthermore, Joanne is a Registered Plant Variety Protection & Geographical Indication agent, equipped with the knowledge and expertise to protect and manage plant varieties and geographical indications. Her proficiency in this area allows her to provide invaluable assistance to clients in navigating the complexities of intellectual property rights related to plant varieties and geographical indications.


Joanne’s dedication to her field is further demonstrated by her role as a Registered Industrial Design agent appointed by MyIPO (Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia). This designation recognizes her expertise in industrial design protection and her ability to guide clients in maximizing the value of their designs.


Outside of her professional endeavors, Joanne’s passions extend beyond the intellectual property field. She is a Certified Aromatherapist under the NAHA (National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy), channeling her enthusiasm for aromatherapy into enhancing her clients’ well-being through the therapeutic benefits of essential oils.


Moreover, Joanne is committed to personal growth and exploration. She actively engages in the study of metaphysics, delving into abstract concepts and philosophical principles. Additionally, she finds solace in gardening, using it as a creative outlet and a means to connect with nature.


Joanne Loh’s rich educational background, extensive experience, and diverse range of interests make her a valuable asset in the intellectual property consultancy field. Her comprehensive knowledge of trademark protection, franchise expansion, plant variety protection, and industrial design, combined with her passion for aromatherapy and personal growth, allow her to offer clients a holistic and well-rounded approach to intellectual property management. With Joanne’s guidance, clients can protect and maximize the value of their intellectual assets with confidence and success.”

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Solomon 2ndv

Solomon Lee

Founder & CEO of Intellect Group


Joanne Loh

Co-Founder & COO of Intellect Group


Alex Neoh

Director (Intellect Worldwide (KL) Sdn. Bhd.)

Associate Partner


Janet Lim

Legal Advisor and
Registered Patent Agent


Dillon Loh

Associate Partner (Australia)

iPBiZ & iPCommercialization

(Trademark/ Copyright/ Patent/ Franchising)


Chu Siew Siew

iPBiZ Director

iPBiZ & iPCommercialization

(Trademark/ Copyright/ Patent/ Franchising)

Pey Huey

Liang Pey Huey

Associate Director


Nike Quik

Franchise Development Executive

iPBiZ & iPCommercialization

(Trademark/ Copyright/ Patent/ Franchising)

Lee San

Ooi Lee San

Franchise Development Manager

Ng Zi Yu

Ng Zi Yu

Head of Patent & Copyright

iPBiZ & iPCommercialization

(Trademark/ Copyright/ Patent/ Franchising)


Intan ‘Afini

Patent Engineer

Yin Hui

Chong Yin Hui

Patent Engineer


Lim Bee Cheng

Lim Bee Cheng

Accounts Director

Jane Tan

Jane Tan

Assistant Manager

Corporate Communication


Nicole Sik

Sr. Brand Executive

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