Personal Data Protection Notice

Dear Sir/ Madam,


The Intellect Group of IP Companies, in particular Intellect Worldwide Sdn Bhd (420974-T), Intellect Trademark Sdn Bhd (1027303-D), Intellect Franchising Sdn Bhd (755193-A) and Intellect Patent & Innovation Sdn Bhd (860132-W) (hereinafter referred to as “Intellect”) which includes the holding company, subsidiaries and any associated company as defined in the Company Act 2016 from time to time, places great importance in keeping with the legal and regulation changes. In view that the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 is in force, we are taking steps to ensure that we are in compliance with the new Act. We are writing to inform your company and/or your goodself in providing you information on your personal information which we may be processing and the manner in which we are doing so.

1.1 Personal Data which we collect from you

When your Company or you appoint us to act for any transaction/task, we would ask for the personal data of your employee and/or your personal data which may include but not limited to the following (“Personal Data”):-


Your name, names of authorised personnel, name of directors listed in the Form 49, name of inventors and authors, names of shareholders, and names of other persons related, identification card number, passport number, mailing address, telephone and facsimile number, mobile number, email address, date of birth, nationality, any information which your Company, your employees and/or your goodself may have provided to Intellect from time to time.

1.2 How we collect your Personal Data

Intellect collect your data through various method and channels which include but not limited to :-


  1. Information furnished to us personally;
  2. from manual or electronic communications with us or documents provided to us prior to or during the course of our appointment;
  3. during meetings or interviews with us;
  4. from search reports carried out at relevant government departments or agencies;
  5. any personal data derived from any public documentation including search report, application forms, Agreement, Deed of Assignment, Power of Attorney, Statutory Declarations, Birth Certificate, trademark, patent, or design  certificates; name cards;
  6. from persons related to our firm;
  7. from our affiliates or associates;
  8. application forms or other forms; and
  9. from websites or other electronic means;
  10. from any expo and/or networking session;

1.3 Purpose of Processing

Intellect may process your personal data or your employees’ personal data for the purpose relating to business and services provided by Intellect which include but not limited to :-


  1. Intellectual Property searches, applications, registrations, prosecutions, renewals, assignments and all other related services  in Malaysia and  overseas countries;
  2. Updating and managing the accuracy of Intellect database records;
  3. Cross selling, marketing and promotions;
  4. Communications and ensuring customer satisfaction, which may include conducting surveys to improve the quality of our services, responding to inquiries and complaints;
  5. Franchise and licensing and branding services;
  6. Conducting credit/trade checks and where applicable, with CTOS;
  7. Any other reasonable reasons which Intellect deems fit.

1.4 To whom we disclose your Personal Data to

When processing the Personal Data, Intellect may disclose same to the following persons/bodies/authorities listed:-

  1. Any of our members and staff of Intellect on a need-to-know basis;
  2. The relevant departments/authorities including government, quasi-government and regulatory authorities, banks, commissioner for oaths, Notary public, embassy, financial institutions and any bodies or authorities to facilitate the purpose and/or conduct and/or completion of IP and related matters/transaction/task;
  3. Any bodies if required to do so by law or in good faith, if such action is necessary to (i) comply with requirements of any law enforcement agency, court order or legal process; or (ii) protect and defend rights or intellectual property of your firm, its personnel and its related associates;
  4. Other solicitors and/or counsels, auditors, consultants, bankers, agents to facilitate the purpose and/or conduct and/or completion of any due diligence work or legal matters/transaction/task;
  5. Our business partners, associates and third parties to facilitate the purpose and/or the conduct and/or completion of our services rendered to you;
  6. We may also transfer your Personal Data to a place outside Malaysia when carrying out any of the purposes stated herein;
  7. All other persons or bodies who provide us with services necessary and incidental to our business, when required;
  8. CTOS Data Systems Sdn Bhd (CTOS), a registered credit reporting agency under CRA Act, when we have a trade relationship with you or where any dues remain unpaid or to conduct credit/account review, monitoring or evaluation or debt recovery;
  9. Other private organization including but not limited to our business associates, outsource translators, designers and/or printers that may be necessary to complete the matter.

1.5 Email and Website

  1. Any Personal Data contained in the emails and “Contact Us” messages sent via your company website to Intellect shall be used and processed in the manner set out in this Notice. The content of the messages shall be strictly monitored by Intellect.
  2. If you do not wish for your Personal Data to be collected via cookies on the Website, please configure your internet browser to delete or deactivate cookies.
  3. Intellect Website may contain links to other sites and pages. Intellect shall not be responsible for any Personal Data or information that you may provide to other entity via the links.

1.6 Allocation of Personal Data

The personal data may be transferred, stored, used and process in jurisdiction other than Malaysia. You understand and consent to the transfer of same out of Malaysia as described herein.


It is not obligatory for you to provide us with all the Personal Data that we request for.  However, certain Personal Data may be required to enable us to meet your requirement and your failure to supply the required Personal Data may result in our inability to meet your requirement.


You may request to for access to, correction or deletion of your personal data or limit the processing thereof at any time thereafter. Any inquiries in respect to the personal data may also be channelled to Intellect via email to our compliance officer, Mr Ravin at [email protected].

1.7 Your consent

By disclosing the Personal Data, we presume that you or your Company have agreed and/or have obtained the necessary consents for the respective personnel and consent of the relevant parties as mentioned in Clause 1.1 herein above, consent Intellect for processing/disclosing or using any of the Personal Data provided which we hold about you in a location in Malaysia or outside Malaysia for the purposes stated herein including contacting you or the related parties by letters, emails, text messages, cross-platform mobile messaging application (eg. WhatsApp), telephone, facsimile or other modes of communication.


Intellect may modify or update the Notice from time to time to reflect any changes to its privacy practices. In any event, an updated version shall prevail this Notice.

We trust that you have consented and agreed to allow Intellect Group of IP Companies to continue using your personal data in compliance with the Notice and in the event you are NOT agreeable with the Notice kindly contact our compliance officer.

Kindly confirm of the above by signing at the box below and return the duplicate copy to us via email to [email protected]

*This Notice is in the English and Bahasa Malaysia version. In the event of any inconsistency between the English language version and their corresponding Bahasa Malaysia version, the terms in the English language version shall prevail.