Trademark Application

This is the submission of the application of trademark to the Malaysian Intellectual Property Office (MyIPO). The Applicant is required to provide all the necessary documents and to execute a declaration in the form of Statutory Declaration that the applicant is the bona fide proprietor of the trademark applied. Upon submitting the application, the application will receive an application number and the date of filing. The application number serves as identification for your Trade Mark application as well as a reference for future checking.

Upon obtaining the application number, the Applicant may opt to go for licensing means to promote or expand their products or services with the use of the Trade Mark Application number. For more information, please refer to ‘Licensing’.


Approximately 18 – 24 months for a smooth case inclusive of the below stages.


Company form or business registration form or identity card depending on the types of Applicant.
Statutory Declaration.

Award & Recognization