Trademark Fast Track

Expedited Examination

With expedited registration, a smooth expedited registration will only take up approximately 6 months 3 weeks to complete (i.e application till registration) instead of 18-24 months as above (normal application). For those that are interested, the expedited registration will come with additional official fees and provision of acceptable grounds would be required. After filing an application, the applicant would required to apply for expedited registration and only upon satisfying one of the below grounds then only the application will be granted an expedition. Below are the list of grounds:

  • it is in the national or public interest;
  • there are infringement proceedings taking place or evidence showing potential infringement in respect of the trade mark applied for under regulation 18;
  • registration of the trade mark is a condition to obtain monetary benefits from the Government or institutions recognized by the Registrar; or
  • there are other reasonable grounds which support the request.
  • Upon approval from the Registrar, the Applicant required to respond by filing the required form together with prescribed fee within 5 working days from the date of receipt of the Registrar’s decision.

Once completed it will be placed under ‘Expedited Registration’ but still following the Trade Mark registration procedure.


Approximately 6 months 3 weeks upon granted the Expedited Registration.


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