The top 3 trademark mistakes startups make

The top 3 trademark mistakes startups make

Building a brand requires grit and hard work. In reality, your brand name and logo are of utmost importance. Legally securing your chosen trademark is perhaps the best thing you can do towards protecting your brand and growing your business.

There are, however, a few mistakes that startups make when it comes to trademark registration. Once you know what they are, you will find it easy to avoid them.

Trademark mistake #1: Delayed filing

Trademark registration may not seem as important in light of all the other business setup requirements. You may even wish to avoid it and dismiss it as an added expense.

However, remember, all the hard work you put into building your brand will go to waste if another company trademarks your slogan or symbol and claims it as their own. View your Intellectual Property expenses as an investment rather than a cost. It’s not as difficult and expensive as you might think.

Trademark mistake #2: Localised mindset

Let’s say you start a fashion boutique in Malaysia. You register your mark in Malaysia because in the short term, you are focusing on Malaysia as your only market.

As such, if at any later stage you wish to sell your products across the world, you should consider obtaining protection overseas. You can do this either through national filings in the countries of interest or via the Madrid System which allows you to seek trademark protection in multiple countries simultaneously.

Trademark mistake #3: Taking your friend’s word for it

Your kind friends will usually offer you free advice about trademark registrations. However, this information is only based on their own experiences that are possibly outdated, incomplete, or biased.

This is why you should consider advice from an expert in the field who knows exactly what needs to be done, and how to go about it. More importantly, they help you avoid costly mistakes.

Please keep in mind that it is not complicated to file a trademark. However, it can be a challenge to obtain registration for a useful trademark, in choosing the best version of the mark (black and white or colour, wordmark, device mark or combined mark, etc.) with an accurate selection of the classes, goods and services.

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