Malaysia’s Largest Halal Fast-Food Chain

Malaysia’s Largest Halal Fast-Food Chain

Since 1981, Malaysian brand Marrybrown has expanded to become one of the largest halal fast-food chains in the world. Customers of various ages, genders and races who value a high-quality meal at a fair price are drawn to Marrybrown’s distinctive values and products. This international fast-food franchise is a family-friendly and quick-service eatery that provides convenient options for consumers to pick from.

Whether by dining in, taking out, or choosing the delivery service, customers’ comfort is always prioritised. They are dedicated to delivering “Something Different” to the table wherever they go, staying loyal to their tagline. Marrybrown constantly aspires to do or be something unique in order to stand out from the crowd. Wherever they set up shop, they want to make a lasting impression on customers and make connections with individuals they’ve met along their journey.

Well-known around the world

The Nasi Lemak Marrybrown, one of the brand’s most well-known dishes, was initially offered and added to the menu in 1989, making Marrybrown the first fast food chain in Malaysia to incorporate local flavour. It was time for the brand to grow outside of Malaysia, so the fast food restaurant franchise established its first overseas location in China in 1999. This made the business the first fast service restaurant franchise owned by a Malaysian to open a location abroad. The household name has grown its business in other Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern nations since opening its first location in China.

The fast food franchise has been in business for 41 years, and while it may not be as well-known as others like KFC and McDonald’s, it nevertheless has a sizable customer base. In more than 500 locations across 16 countries, including Malaysia, Sweden, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, India, the Maldives, Africa, and the Middle East, they provide services to millions of clients. By offering superb products at a cheap price to customers and franchise partners, the brand continues to enjoy global success year after year.

Marrybrown’s outlet in Hulhumale, Maldives.
Source: MaldivesBusinessReview

Marrybrown recently painted a mural at their newest location near a popular tourist destination in Malaysia in January 2022. This drawing may be found in “The Red House” on Jalan Tan Hiok Nee in Johor Bahru. The painting, which was created in association with local muralist Sam Lim, focuses on the theme “Around the World” and attempts to galvanise the cultural centre.

Mr Michael Liew, Business Director of Marrybrown and local mural artist Sam Lim unveiled the meaningful mural piece at Marrybrown’s outlet in the ‘Red House’.
Source: MalaysiaKini

It represents a train carrying Marrybrown’s dishes to Malaysians nationwide and global fans, introducing local Malaysian delicacies to individuals across the globe. This is not just for marketing either as they actually do bring Malaysian delights into every country that they are established in. For example, Marrybrown’s Nasi Kandar is found in its Maldives outlet.

Nasi Kandar Combo sold in Maldives and priced at 70 Maldivian Rufiyaa.

Even though Marrybrown seemed to be doing well for themselves, they experienced their fair share of difficulties during the pandemic, but their perseverance helped them get through. Challenging times also hasten development and through proper planning and understanding of the situation, they have adapted fairly quickly to the prevalence of e-commerce and home deliveries.

It is not an easy feat to survive in the cutthroat fast food market for 41 years, yet Marrybrown shows no signs of slowing down. By no means can they be compared to Jollibee in Malaysia, but if Marrybrown ever aims to expand its business by offering Malaysian flavours in other continents, that could very well be in its future.

About their franchise

Marrybrown is Malaysia’s largest quick service restaurant with a proven track record of over 40 years. With so many years in the business, Marrybrown received numerous awards and commendations from Malaysia, Singapore, China, Indonesia, India, and the United Arab Emirates for its years of franchising work. As a Marrybrown franchisee, you would immediately reap the benefits of years of system development and brand building to run one of the most recognisable fast service restaurants in the world.

Marrybrown provides benefits and support for franchisees. Not only will franchisees be riding on an internationally-recognised brand, the brand claims to have an unbeatable business format. Headquartered in Malaysia, they offer international support teams which are located in Dubai, China, India and Africa. This would give franchisees access to Marrybrown’s global resources. Furthermore, they continuously test and improve to create the highest quality menu.

Marrybrown offers marketing and public relations support materials. They have proper vendor relationships all set out for franchisees. If one decides to purchase their franchise, Marrybrown caters for on-going management and operational support. Not only that, they are equipped with renovation advisory service and all forms of technical support. Marrybrown supplies their equipment, together with a top-notch quality operating system. Their comprehensive training package includes technical know-hows and quick-launching starter programs. From the moment a Marrybrown Franchise Agreement is signed, it will take little over 3 months for a franchise business to open its doors.

Marrybrown is rather lenient on their requirements for franchisees. As mentioned in their website, they only need people who are able to effectively communicate, lead and motivate people. At the same time, franchisees should embrace an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong drive to be successful. Possessing personal integrity will be a strong point, alongside being willing to commit full-time to managing daily operations. Not forgetting, being capable in managing finances is a big plus. As long as one is willing to join all training programmes and follow Marrybrown’s system and procedure, this franchise would be suitable. They are also currently offering attractive franchise packages in Malaysia.

Marrybrown franchise package details.
Source: Marrybrown

Marrybrown’s franchise success

At the 24th Malaysian Franchise Awards (AFM) 2022, Marrybrown won the Best Franchise Award in honour of its dedication and success in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) sector. Marrybrown, being the most well-known and largest locally owned Halal QSR in Malaysia, also won numerous other honours at the event, including Best Franchisee of the Year, Emerging Franchisee of the Year and Best Franchisor of the Year.

Dato Lawrence Liew and Datin Nancy Liew, the founders of Marrybrown, receiving the award at AFM 2022.
Source: MalaysianFranchiseAssociation

AFM 2022, which is sponsored by the Malaysian Franchise Association (MFA), is a prestigious platform that is highly regarded among top franchise operators in Malaysia. Awards are judged based on a number of factors, including the franchise system, overall franchise growth, and annual sales value.

This accomplishment that was made possible only by Marrybrown’s vast franchising experience, recognises the company’s success in providing customers with food that is both exceptionally affordable and of the highest quality. The success was also contributed by the company developing its award-winning franchising system and providing outstanding support to its franchise partners.

Not without a fair share of challenges throughout their 40 years of franchising, they are sincerely grateful for the support of their Memang Best Fans, employees, franchisees, and partners. The brand has braved the challenges of time and continued on their meaningful journey of serving ‘something different’ to the world.

Some notable achievements by Marrybrown include the introduction of Around the World menus in conjunction with its 40th year anniversary, being named the official café operator of Malaysia Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, the launch of MB App, and setting up drive-ins and drive-thrus services for a safe and convenient ordering process.

How to start franchising

The registration of a franchise in Malaysia requires strict compliance with various requirements. Therefore, all parties must be diligent in preparations to register the intended franchise. This is pertinent in order to avoid setbacks or delays in the process of registration and operation. Here at Intellect, we can provide you with the most effective methods to start your franchise business today.