Get The Trademark Protected

Once you have selected a trademark, protect it from infringement and safeguard your rights as the owner by getting it registered.

Trademark registration is territorial by nature.  This means that your rights to your trademark are only protected in the country in which it has been registered.

Some owners approach the Intellectual Property Office in the particular country directly to register their trademarks, and some engage the services of their trade mark agent or lawyers.  However, the most common and advisable path is to engage a professional Intellectual Property (IP) consultant with the necessary expertise, experience and network to ensure that your trademark registration matters are carried out efficiently, leaving you free to concentrate on building your business.

A good Intellectual Property consultant is one who would not only keep you constantly up-to-date with the status of your trademark application, but also provide you with value-added, strategic advice on how to leverage your wealth through proper exploitation of your Intellectual Property rights.

In Intellectual Property consultation, it is imperative that the advice and strategies given are anchored in sound legal, technical and business sensibilities – therefore do look out for a well-experienced firm with an all-round staff of legal, technical and business professionals.